Whats Shaking Me

Here we are 6 weeks later and my commercial property world still seems centred on the Kaikoura shakes, every second conversation seems to relate to earthquake ratings or what is happening in what damaged building etc. I like to think that I was unshaken by these events, inconvenienced yes, I lost sleep and a carpark. […]

Why sign a Deed of Lease

I have been getting quite a bit of push-back lately from tenants who don’t see the value in signing off a Deed of Lease. Firstly most don’t realise that the Agreement to Lease is not “The Lease” and secondly I suspect they don’t appreciate being obliged to spend more money on legal fees. A Deed […]

Stack ’em high….

A few weeks ago I took a call from a woman wanting a space of just 60 – 70 sqm. After asking a few more questions I established we were looking for space for 7 people! As usual I didn’t hold back in offering here the benefit of my vast experience and knowledge on the […]

A whole new world

Like most real estate agents I glance at the commercial pages of the DomPost every week and recently noticed an unusual trend, namely that there are a number of good buildings on the market for sale. For the last few years the pages have been filled with mortgagee sales and distressed stock. By distressed I […]

If you build it they will come!

This attractive starry lit promenade is Hastings Street in Noosa,  certainly one of my most favourite places in the world! A recent holiday there started me thinking about the ‘Field of dreams’ maxim for developers above in regard to how to create an attractive shopping street where people will want to go. Contrasting Hastings Street […]

Enhancement or Desecration?

A few months ago now I spotted a slight adjustment to the alloy statue on Midland Park called Woman of Words which is a tribute to Katherine Mansfield. Ok I am intending to be controversial here but I do think it rather ugly, I have spoken to several people gazing up at it and am […]

The future for Main Street retail?

Location location location was the old maxim for successful retail in days of old but what of the new era in post GFC 2013? Aren’t the fastest growing retail brands all located the cloud, wherever that is? It’s true that by turnover the most popular online stores used by kiwis are Air New Zealand, Trademe […]

Here’s to the crazy ones

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… […]

Abundance and Vertical Farming

“Abundance – The future is better than you think “ by Steven Kolter and Peter Diamandis was 2nd on the NY Times bestseller list back in March. What they are saying is that humanity is entering a period of radical transformation where technology can lift living standards with goods and services previously reserved only to […]

7/7 How to find office space easily

Yes I am a real estate agent so you are going to say this question is designed to be self-serving but lets explore this idea for a moment. The fact is that unless your budget is at least $15k then commercial real estate agents will be able to help you but probably with only one […]